My playground

I  think that play is something that all adults struggle with. They don’t want to viewed as being too childish or not serious enough about life. However, most of us love being around people who are playful–they usher in laughter and lightness with their presence.

As I consider myself, I realise that I have many opportunities for play, and could even flip certain projects or activities easily just with a shift in my perspective. To me, play is less about what you are doing, it’s more about how you are being. Do I show up, enthusiastic and up for a challenge, or do I just go through motions?  I think, in the playground of my life, there are a few things that I find are the foundation to staying open to the playfulness that life offers you.


The first is humour and reflection. When in play, I am delightful, laughter coming easily to me. It’s as if everything is a joke or intended to create joy. If I keep in that mindset, I can play with anyone, anywhere. And I believe that the joy and wonder of living becomes amplified and reflected back to me.  humor and reflection

So it goes without saying that staying in the moment, being present to what can unfold, sparks the spirit of playfulness. I think in this way, I can find joy in whatever situation I am in. I think play then becomes not something that you DO but something you BECOME, not caring about outcomes or solutions, but letting what can be possible to naturally rise to the top.


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