New Life Resolution-this is for ME

Lately I’ve been tuned into Lisa Nichols’ launch of her AbundanceNow book. She’s been doing an awesome challenge that you can check out here I am my own Rescue Challenge. Needless to say I have felt inspired and motivated to make -not New Year’s resolutions- but New Life Resolutions.

Throughout this challenge I have come to recognize that I start but don’t finish personal projects because they may not be perfect. Well I’d rather do something, take action and grow with it, then wait to be perfect. 

So I have come to realize that I really want to blog but I don’t because I’m afraid that I’m doing it wrong. I tell myself that I don’t know what to blog about. And what if no one reads this? My thoughts stand alone  in cyber space? 

So I use the excuse of time to mask the fear of failure. But the Truth is that I have lots to say about lots of stuff but I don’t want to put it out there in case someone may not like it and their opinion of me makes me somehow “wrong”. Well this year, I don’t care if  I’m judged. I’m going to blog for me. I’m going to write about the stuff I want to reflect and remember. 

And if someone enjoys my ramblings, well I’m in good company. But otherwise this is for ME. #iamor

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