Swimming Lessons

During this week of our mindfulness course, we are exploring the stress response and how we can choose our impact of it. The idea of choosing stress seems rather ridiculous to me, but it’s true that when I engage in a thought of a worry or concern, I choose to give it attention. But I can also choose to get curious about my wandering mind, and in this way diminish the physiological effect and emotional attachment to it.


Dr. Richard made an analogy that really resonated with me. He suggested that the best time to learn how to swim is not when we are drowning, but to take lesson before hand so our lessons would avert disaster.  Once I reflect on this, it appears intuitive–I want to practice mindfulness on a regular basis to avert overwhelm. By the simple act of noticing the breath and bringing presence of mind to my daily life, I can calm the mind and increase my performance when engaged in tasks.

So can I have a deep fascination with my  breath this week? Can I have non-attachment to my opinions and thoughts?  I am going to make a commitment to this new habit and become curious because I will certain prefer curiosity over stress.

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